The holidays have arrived and we’re here to help you prepare. Friends and family are what make the holidays special, the meat is what makes the meal. That’s why our Holiday Order Guide has a variety of roasts, available for order now by calling 978-688-1511.

Last year we featured the five meats of Christmas on our blog, a delicious assortment that satisfies even the pickiest of eaters. Whether you choose prime rib, tenderloin, or rump roast for your meal, our Beef Roasting Guide is the perfect resource to achieve that ideal temperature.

This year, we’ve compiled a of list delicious side recipes and resources for your meal’s centerpiece, so that you can focus your energy on enjoying the holidays instead.

Sauces and Sides

1) Red Wine and Wild Mushroom Sauce

Red Wine and Wild Mushroom Sauce

via Food Network

Our roasts pair well with Butcher Boy Au Jus and Béarnaise. If you’re looking for something a little different, this Red Wine and Wild Mushroom Sauce from Food Network will do the trick. Featuring an array of mushrooms, this creamy sauce is decadent and extremely easy to make.

2) Pan-Seared Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries and Pecans

Pan-Seared Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries and Pecans

via Rachel Schultz on Homemaking

Jazz up your required veggie side with Rachel Schultz on Homemaking‘s pan-seared brussels sprouts. Cranberries add a beautiful pop of color, while pecans add a needed crunch to this versatile dish.

3) Roasted Holiday Potatoes

Roasted Holiday Potatoes

via created by Diane

Potatoes are your meat’s favorite food companion. This side from created by Diane features both baking and sweet potatoes, making this the ultimate potato dish. Beautifully arranged, these holiday potatoes will look fantastic next to your roast.

Quick Hit Holiday Tips

  • Condense shopping trips. We’re open extra hours on Friday and Saturday, so stop in on the way home from holiday shopping.
  • Use a meat thermometer. Use these tips from Kitchn on using and maintaining your meat thermometer.
  • Plan your spirit pairings for your meat. This guide will show you how to pair wines to your favorite meal.
  • Choose appetizers to complement the meal! Consult this post for appetizer ideas, or order from our Holiday Order Guide.

Happy Holidays from Butcher Boy Market!

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