Thanksgiving is about family, friends, and food. You've got family and friends covered, we've got the turkey. Choose your bird from our Meat Department, or order a fully cooked turkey from our Thanksgiving Order Guide to pick up before the big day.

While turkey certainly is the main focus of Thanksgiving dinner, with sides a close second, no turkey is complete without gravy or stuffing.

Dress up your bird with these delicious gravy and stuffing recipes:

1) Turkey Gravy Recipe

Turkey Gravy Recipe

via Natisha's Kitchen

A great-smelling kitchen isn't the only thing you produce when roasting a turkey. Turkey drippings contain the wonderful flavors and seasonings added to the bird, producing a rich and tantalizing gravy. Natisha's Kitchen promises this recipe will make you forever shun powdered or canned turkey gravy. Once your bird has been transferred from roasting to resting, strain the pan into a measuring cup to catch the drippings. Let the drippings settle, then cook with other ingredients. Add salt and pepper to taste.

2) Caramelized Shallot Bacon Gravy

Carmalized Shallot Bacon Gravy

via Just Putzing Around The Kitchen

Combining different meats can create an experience that thrills the taste buds. Just Putzing Around The Kitchen brings this concept to their gravy, substituting bacon drippings for turkey. Start by cooking the drippings with shallots and stock, then add a shaken flour-water combination to thicken the gravy. This recipe is fantastic on mashed potatoes and stuffing, but will really wow on top of the turkey.

3) Sage Apple Cranberry Dressing

Sage Apple Cranberry

via The Complete Savorist

Give your traditional Thanksgiving meal a fruity twist with The Complete Savorist's Sage Apple Cranberry Dressing. Packed full of apples, cranberries, and sage, this dish will delight your guests with its herbaceous notes and savory taste. This recipe is delicious hot and cold. So if you're sick of cooking, you can enjoy it the next day straight from the fridge.

4) Classic Traditional Thanksgiving Stuffing

Classic Thanksgiving Recipe

via Averie Cooks

Dine in stuffing heaven with this old-fashioned simple recipe from Averie Cooks. First, grab a loaf of French bread to cube and dry overnight. This will keep the bread from getting mushy when baked with the other ingredients. The finished dish will be lightly crusted on top, with a soft, buttery flavor revealed underneath. Technically this recipe is a dressing as it's baked outside the bird, but you can cook it stuffed inside the turkey as well.

Consult our roasting guide and know-how tips on cooking the perfect turkey. We also make a variety of sides and desserts ready to order from our Thanksgiving Order Guide to complete your meal.

Happy Thanksgiving from Butcher Boy Market!

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