Type of roast Oven temperature Cooking time Internal temperature (medium rare) Internal temperature (medium)
Beef tenderloin
Whole (5-7 lbs)
425°F 40-55 mins 125°F 140°F
Beef tenderloin
Half (2-3 lbs)
425°F 30-40 mins 125°F 140°F
Prime rib
(boneless) Whole
350°F 10-15 mins / lb 130°F 140°F
Prime rib
(boneless) Half
350°F 15-18 mins / lb 130°F 140°F
Prime rib
(bone-in) Whole (16-20 lbs)
325°F 10-15 mins / lb 130°F 145°F
Prime rib
(bone-in) Half
325°F 13-15 mins / lb 130°F 145°F
Rump roast
Holiday short cut, whole
350°F 12-15 mins / lb 130°F 145°F
Rump roast
Holiday short cut, half
350°F 17-20 mins / lb 130°F 145°F
Sirloin strip roast
350°F 1½ – 1¾ hours 125°F 140°F
Sirloin strip roast
Half (5-6 lbs)
350°F 1¼ hours 125°F 140°F
Top sirloin roast
350°F 12-15 mins / lb 125°F 140°F
Top sirloin roast
350°F 17-20 mins / lb 125°F 140°F
Stuffed roast
Lamb, pork, beef, veal
350°F 20-25 mins / lb
Rack of lamb 425°F 25 mins
Veal roast (boneless) 350°F 20 mins / lb


  • Bring roast to room temperature one hour prior to cooking.
  • Preheat oven a half hour before putting the roast into the oven.
  • Use the time chart as a general guide. Check the roast before the minimum time recommendation because each oven is different, and times will vary.
  • We recommend you use either a meat thermometer, which stays in the roast as it cooks, or an instant thermometer, which does not stay in the oven.
  • The thermometer must be placed in the center of the roast, and must not touch a bone.
  • Take the roast out when the thermometer reaches 5° less than the desired temperature, because the roast will continue to cook after it is removed from the oven.
  • Once you’ve removed the roast from the oven, let it stand 20-30 minutes before carving and serving.
  • Roast all meat uncovered, on a rack, without water.
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