The fall season brings so many opportunities to try amazing foods, and one of the places we love digging into dishes most are at tailgate get-togethers. Tailgating is known for its finger-licking, belly-warming, picnic-style foods that leave everyone smiling and asking for more. And, since it’s hard to get to a tailgate party every night, we’ve found five recipes that bring those irresistible foods from the game to your kitchen.

1) BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders


via Bites of Bri

The hardest part about this recipe isn’t making the pulled pork. It’s waiting for it to finish cooking so you can dig in. Bites of Bri has a slow cooker pulled pork recipe that lets you set, forget, and go about your day. By the time dinner comes around, you’ll have tender pulled pork with explosive flavor that’s ready to be served up however you like. This recipe is meant for making smaller sliders, but if you wanted some bigger servings, just grab some bigger buns.

2) Easy Tailgate Party Buffalo Wings


via Anchor Bar

One of the first foods that comes to mind when talking about tailgate favorites is chicken wings. It’s easy to see why, since they’re easy to make and can be paired with almost any kind of sauce. This recipe comes from Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, home of the original buffalo wings, so we know this is the way they’re meant to be made. Of course, feel free to swap out the recipe’s sauce for one of your favorites so you can be sure they’re something you’ll love.

3) All-American Sausage and Peppers


via Taste of Home

All-American, all flavor, no hassle. Taste of Home has put together a simple recipe showing how to whip up some fantastic sausage and pepper sliders in less than an hour. With brown sugar, vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce, these bold sliders will be gone in a flash. The good news is that they’re so easy to make, you won’t mind whipping up a new batch.

4) Turkey Chili


via Country Living

Chili has always been a tailgate favorite with its bold mix of ingredients and warm, hearty goodness. There’s no better time of year than fall to try mixing up this classic dish with turkey instead of traditional beef. Country Living has created a recipe that’s as delicious as it is simple to make. With beans, spices, peppers, and our favorite Thanksgiving bird, this turkey chili will be a sensation no matter where you bring it.

5) Prize Winning Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

via All Recipes

Barbecue baby back ribs are one of the ultimate finger-licking foods you can get at the tailgate, and this recipe lets you have all the flavor without all the hassle. Just prep the meat, place it on the grill, and find a way to distract yourself while the ribs cook to perfection. In about an hour, you’ll have some tender, juicy barbecue ribs that beg to be devoured. Just remember to keep the napkins within arm’s reach.

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